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What is this site about?

It’s like an X Factor for local councillors. Young people can talk to real live councillors from their area, online, for two weeks. And then the teenagers decide which councillor becomes the Youth Champion.

You can only talk on the site if you are one of the students, teachers or councillors who are taking part. And you can only vote if you are one of the students, but anyone can look around and read what is being said. Go on, have a look, it’ll cheer you up, I promise you. From the main log in page, just pick a zone and browse around!

During the event young people use web technology they feel comfortable with, to ‘meet’ councillors. They ask questions and have live chats with councillors, and then vote for their favourite. The winning councillor will become the council’s Youth Champion.

‘I’m a Councillor’ brings people together, gives young people a voice and teaches them about local politics in a fun, memorable and engaging way.

This event will run 4th – 15th October 2010, in England
(20th September – 1st October in Scotland)

I’m a Councillor, Get me out of Here! is produced by Gallomanor (http://gallomanor.com/), specialists in helping organisations engage their communities.